How to Keep your cosmetics

How to Keep your cosmetics

Most cosmetics are developed and manufactured to have a long life. Consumers can find out exactly how long their products will last by checking the Period After Opening (PAO) Symbol or the best before date.

Cosmetics will remain in good, hygienic condition if consumers follow a few Simple Guideline on the best way to keep use their products

Best practice

The following tips provide a “best practice” guide to using cosmetic products.

Always read the instructions carefully and take note of any warnings for use

Keep lids on products when they are not in use

Use products within the life span indicated by the Period After Opening symbol or best before date

Avoid storing products in direct sunlight or near sources of heat; choose cool (not freezing) areas where possible

Never dilute products or mix them with other products unless directed by product instructions

Apply products with clean hands or an applicator that is routinely washed thoroughly with soap, detergent or a mild shampoo

Allow applicators to dry completely before use

Avoid sharing personal cosmetic products with another person