Q. What should you find on a cosmetic product?

In Europe, cosmetic container labels must list all ingredients in the product formulation using identical terms across the whole European Union. These terms are based on the International Nomenclature for Cosmetics Ingredients (INCI) along with descriptions of certain substances specified in the cosmetic Directive

Product labelling contributes to consumer protection. Containers or packaging must bear written information in indelible, easily legible and visible lettering. This information concerns:

                  the name or registered name and the address of the responsible person;
                  the country of origin for imported products;
                  the weight or volume of the content at the time of packaging;
                  a use-by date for products kept in appropriate conditions;
                  precautions for use, including for cosmetics for professional use;
                  the batch number of manufacture or the reference for identifying the cosmetic product;
                  the list of ingredients, i.e. any substance or mixture intentionally used in the product during the process of manufacturing.
The language of the information shall be determined by the Member State where the product is made available to the end user.

The container and outer packaging of a small or unusually shaped product might display a symbol showing a hand pointing at a book to indicate that information is contained in a leaflet.
The packaging for some products (soap, bath balls etc) makes it impractical to enclose a leaflet, label, tape or card. The ingredients list for these products must "appear on a notice in immediate proximity to the container in which the cosmetic product is exposed for sale"

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