Safe-use icons

The provision of appropriate information on how to use products can help guide consumers to get the best performance from products and secure safe use of products.

A.I.S.E. has developed a set of safe use icons in order to improve and further develop clear messages for consumers. These messages have been communicated via on-pack labelling and other communication tools since 2004. They are made freely available by A.I.S.E. to any company placing soaps, detergents or maintenance products on the EU market, provided the use of these icons/messages complies with the A.I.S.E. legal and technical guidelines.

In April 2011, A.I.S.E. updated 2 of the safe use icons and revised the guidelines for on pack use. In October 2012, these guidelines were updated to add 4 new icons that are especially well suited to gel capsules, to secure consistent communication across the industry and safe use of these products.

Please find below the downloads of the safe use icons update 2012 in Adobe Illustrator format, translations and the Guidance on application of A.I.S.E. safe use icons